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My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) | My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) facilitates synergy between its members through dynamic and innovative programming, targeted networking opportunities, and fostering a community focused upon deep relationship building and effectuating the professional and personal advancement of Black attorneys. MBK | MSK provides forums for its members to engage in candid, empowering, and transformative conversations and relationships within the context of our shared experiences as Black attorneys.

In recognition of the unique experiences in the legal profession faced by Black men and Black women, respectively, MBK | MSK also promotes strategic dialogue among Black men through MBK and among Black women through MSK. Membership and active participation in the MBK | MSK community is a means to multiply resources and further reduce the vulnerability of isolation.

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MBK | MSK is our community and My People’s Keeper (MPK) is the non-profit entity that provides structure and leadership for all of our initiatives.