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Our Mission

My Brother’s Keeper | My Sister’s Keeper promotes fellowship in support of Black attorneys through inclusive access, innate trust, unguarded honesty, generous investment, absolute respect, unequivocal confidentiality, and mutual accountability.

Members of the community promote authentic discourse by sharing insights and nurturing relationships in furtherance of the unified goal to support the personal and professional fulfillment of its members and to beneficially impact Black legal and compliance professionals.

MBK-MSK Paula and Morenike

Our Fellowship

Reflection on Our Mission

MBK-MSK Fellowship Summit 2023

My Brother's Keeper | My Sister's Keeper Is About

Giving people first time access to one another and access to people they may have never had an opportunity to meet otherwise

MBK 2018

Understanding the urgency of our situation and starting each relationship with a rebuttable presumption of trust, foundational for building meaningful relationships

Taking off our masks and sharing our vulnerabilities to promote a nourishing environment of collective and individual authenticity-based well-being

masking vulnerability
expect less give more

Encouraging more gives than asks

Maintaining a positive group dynamic of empathy that doesn't tolerate looking down on one another or disrespect

Empathy compass
circle of trust

Ensuring that these shared experiences remain in the “circle of trust” and that repeating personal stories and opinions of others is not acceptable

Being each other’s keeper

being each others keeper


MBK | MSK is our community and My People’s Keeper (MPK) is the non-profit entity that provides structure and leadership for all of our initiatives.